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Clarity Coaching

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Exuberant woman enjoying sunshine.

Clarity Coaching

Decision-making can be crazy-making, especially when the stakes are high or consequences are unclear. Sometimes there is no ‘right’ option, only a better one.

Clarity Coaching is a standalone 90min session that utilizes a technique called "The Conference Room" to separate each inner-perspective in order to fully understand what is really at stake, what obstacles are in the way, and what you truly desire. This new level of insight will enable you to decide with confidence.

If you have been investing in everything but YOU, you owe this to yourself.


Lynda helped me see what I couldn’t spot in myself, and which had been holding me back from the life I wanted to live. I gained confidence and spaciousness in my relationships with others as well as myself.

I highly recommend coaching with Lynda for anyone who wants to change their lives.

James S.

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