Courage to heal. Confidence to act.

"I know what's wrong,
I just don't know how to fix it."

I'm Lynda Mettler, Transformation Coach and Reiki Master. If you've been working on yourself for a long time and still feel stuck or unhappy

It's time for something different.


I won't try to solve your problems or offer a new perspective. Instead, I will guide you to rediscover the confident, capable person you are beneath the limits you've learned to believe about yourself. This will forever change how you feel within, and shed new light on what you truly want.

When you're ready to fall in love with who you are and take control of your life ...

This is for you.

Crystal Salt


Lynda helped me see what I couldn’t spot in myself, and which had been holding me back from the life I wanted to live. I gained confidence and spaciousness in my relationships with others as well as myself.

I highly recommend coaching with Lynda for anyone who wants to change their lives.

James S.