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Transformational Life Coaching

How much more time will you waste feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or filled with self-doubt?


Haven't you lost enough already?


Life Coaching

Shift to calm, compassion and self-confidence when you heal the wounds that drive negative thoughts and feelings.

This is a game-changer.


Clarity Coaching

Decision making does not have to be crazy making. In one session you will gain clarity on what is causing inner-conflict, so you can weigh your options and make an informed decision.



Distracted listening is unproductive and potentially harmful. Clear your mind with NICE! – a tool designed to help you listen with an open, objective, unbiased presence.

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Lynda Mettler, Transformational Life Coach

The Coach

Lynda Mettler is a credentialed life coach, who combines the healing approaches of IFS Parts Work, meditation, energy work and life coaching. She guides clients on a deeply healing journey to unlock their natural confidence, courage and self-compassion. 

Upon discovering this work, I was transformed to a place of inner-peace, confidence and purpose, and have since guided countless clients to experience their own shift.

Working with Lynda changed my life. I made more progress in a few months than in 20 years of therapy. 
Lynda held me accountable and helped me put myself first. She has a caring yet structured way of working, and her clarity and calm were powerful tools for transforming my life.

Sarah L.

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