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Transformational Life Coaching

Feel calm and confident in all situations.

Ask for what you want without apology.

Live an extraordinary life.


Don't let stress, overwhelm, or anxiousness rob one more day of your life. Gain confidence to be comfortable in your own shoes, knowing that you are exactly what the world needs, just as you are.


Blending four powerful techniques: life coaching, meditation, Reiki energy, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) - a healing technique for balance and wellness,

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Clarity Coaching

Are you confused or conflicted about a life-decision?


Be expertly guided to separate conflicting thoughts and emotions so you can learn what your heart truly wants, what obstacles need attention, and what fears are holding you back, then design a plan to move into action.

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Lynda Mettler, Transformational Life Coach

About Lynda Mettler

As a credentialed transformational life coach, I combine the healing approach of IFS Parts Work with meditation, energy work and life coaching to guide clients on a deeply healing journey where they unlock their natural confidence, courage and self-compassion. 

Upon discovering this work, I was transformed to a place of inner-peace, confidence and purpose, and have since guided countless clients to experience their own shift.

Working with Lynda changed my life. I made more progress in a few months than in 20 years of therapy. 
Lynda held me accountable and helped me put myself first. She has a caring yet structured way of working, and her clarity and calm were powerful tools for transforming my life.

Sarah L.

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