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Transformational Life Coaching

Your Wisdom Coaching combines four powerful techniques to deliver a holistic experience that will transform how you think, feel and move through the world.

This unique method brings together IFS "Parts Work," meditation, Reiki energy and life coaching to transform undesired thoughts, feelings and tendencies into calm, clear thinking, and positive self-regard.

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Four Techniques in One


Internal Family Systems "Parts Work"

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work is a guided conversation between who you are at your core (aka Self), and the thoughts, feelings and tendencies that get in the way, (aka 'protector parts'). Protector parts, or simply protectors, may include self-doubt, inner-criticism, chronic worry or anxiousness, perfectionism, anger, an analyzer, people-pleasing, indulgence, avoidance and others.

These parts are called protectors because they keep you from feeling shame, pain, guilt, fear, and rejection.


For example, a people-pleasing part puts others’ happiness above yours, whereas an angry part pushes others away. Both are protecting you but in different ways: one from abandonment, the other from vulnerability.

With IFS parts work, you will get to know and develop a new relationship with protectors, one where YOU are in the driver’s seat, feeling calm, confident and courageous.


The Process

  1. Start by reconnecting with your true nature (Self), which is the source of characteristics such as calmness, confidence, clarity, compassion, creativity, courage, curiosity and connectedness

  2. Discover 'protectors' and learn how they work to keep you safe

  3. Find and heal the wounds that power protectors

  4. Put Self in control, allowing protectors to shift to more productive roles

Life Coaching

Increased access to Self will provide the insight to recognize the areas of your life you wish to improve. With life coaching techniques, we will develop goals and strategies that move you toward fulfillment and joy.

Meditation & Reiki Energy

Guided meditation brings calm to the system, and creates a nurturing space for healing. Reiki generates a supportive energy connection between you and the coach to further promote healing.

These four powerful modalities, in combination, generates extraordinary healing that leads to lasting change.

Meditation & Reiki
Life Coaching
Working with Lynda changed my life. I made more progress in a few months than in 20 years of therapy. 
Lynda held me accountable and helped me put myself first. She has a caring yet structured way of working, and her clarity and calm were powerful tools for transforming my life.

Sarah L.

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