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NICE! for managing distractions

Learn to Listen the NICE! Way

Active listening builds trust and connection. It can be the difference between a healthy relationship (personal and professional), and an unhealthy one. When you listen with an open mind and heart, you understand the meaning of what is being shared, and are unafraid to ask deeper questions. Active listening leaves the other person feeling seen, heard and understood.

To listen actively, you must be able to recognize when you are distracted, and learn to manage those distractions. This is where the tool NICE! can help.

What is NICE!​
  • A distraction-management tool based in mindfulness and IFS

  • Stands for Notice, Identify, Connect, Express & Explore

  • Increases self-awareness

  • Promotes an open, curious, unbiased presence

  • Enables you to respond rather than react to the other

  • Is simple to learn and easy to use in any conversation

Who is it for?

NICE! was developed for coaches and mental-health practitioners in mind, but can benefit anyone engaged in an activity that requires a focused mindset, such as medical professionals, managers, sales professionals, presenters, teachers, athletes, actors, parents, etc.


Learn about upcoming presentations, or to inquire about how to engage me to present NICE! it to your organization.

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