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  • What is the difference between Transformational Life Coaching and Clarity Coaching?
    Transformation Coaching creates lasting change by shifting you from undesired thoughts and feelings, to feeling calm, clear-headed and in control of your own mind. You will then develop strategies to make changes in your relationships, work, location, or wherever you desire. Clarity Coaching is a single session to help with a decision. It untangles competing thoughts and feelings so you can make the choice with confidence. It uses a common technique that is part of the Transformation Coaching process, so it is a good way to see if this style of coaching is right for you.
  • What are your rates and schedule?
    LIFE COACHING Session rates: 55-min for $95 | 85-min for $125 Meet once a week or bi-weekly 6-session package: $575 Includes one 85-min session and five 55-min sessions Meet once a week or bi-weekly CLARITY COACHING Session rate: 90-min for $140 One session is generally sufficient. Additional sessions will be charged at Life Coaching rate. Sessions held over Zoom.
  • How Is your coaching different?
    Unlike traditional life coaching which focuses the present and future, my technique helps you to discover and heal what's driving negative thought and behavior patterns, creating a more positive self-view and trusting relationship with others. This is not just a new perspective, it's lasting change.
  • How long until I see results?
    Transformation Coaching: results are unique to each individual. Some clients experience a shift after one or a couple of sessions, others can take months or longer. Clarity Coaching: a single session often provides enough clarity to make a decision.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Coaching is not yet covered by insurance.
  • Who is your typical client?
    My coaching is most effective with individuals who understand that we hold the power to change. Many have tried other avenues (therapy, coaching, classes, workshops, self-help books, podcasts) and are looking for a more comprehensive approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

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