How is Your Coaching Different than Life Coaching or Therapy?


My approach is comprehensive. I combine four powerful approaches: life coaching, meditation and Reiki energy and Parts Work, to bring deep healing and promote lasting change. See my method for more.

What is "Parts Work?"

Officially known as Internal Family Systems or IFS, Parts Work is an evidence-based therapeutic approach that releases you from old wounds. You will understand yourself and relate to others in a new way, free from the hangups of shame, guilt or fear from the past. 

Who is Your Typical Client?

Men and women 35+ who seek greater satisfaction in their career or relationships, or just want to feel good. Many have tried other approaches and are looking for something different.

How Long Until I See Results?


Some clients experience a significant shift after a few sessions, others grow and evolve at a slower pace. Each experience is unique. 

When / How Would We Meet?


I recommend we start with an 85-minute discovery session, then meet weekly for 55-min. sessions, and gradually reduce to bi-weekly. This is flexible depending on need and budget. 


All session are over Zoom or phone. This allows me to save on office space and keep my rates more affordable.

What is Your Rate

Sessions are $110 for 85-min.  |  $85 for 55-min. A reduced rate is available if you purchase a package of 6 sessions. 

Do You Take Insurance?


Insurance does not currently cover coaching.