Transformation coaching based in Internal Family Systems (IFS) altered me from the inside out. Before discovering it, I changed jobs, companies, college majors, and volunteer positions more often than I can count, in search for my "purpose." But each new role left me feeling flat, and often like an imposter.


I longed to find work that would bring together what I loved (connecting with people), what I was good at (listening), and what I was passionate about (relieving suffering). By 50, I was losing hope and feeling pretty low.

Then in 2019, I discovered transformation coaching and everything changed. I felt calm and confident, and for the first time, clear about what I was meant to do – bring this work to others. So, I quickly resigned and launched Channeling Your Wisdom Coaching.

I've since helped many other make a lasting shift from anxious to calm, from inner-criticism to self-compassion, and from guardedness to openheartedness.

Many people have asked me who this work is appropriate for, and my short answer is anyone who wants to fall in love with who they are.


It's an honor to bring this work to you.





The Graduate Institute – Coach Training / Certification
International Coaching Federation (ICF) – ACC Credential

IFS Institute – IFS Level 1

Leadership that Works – Parts Work I, II, IV

IFS Professional Growth Programs

​Omega Institute for Holistic Studies – Reiki Master Certification