I'm Lynda Mettler, Transformation Coach, Reiki Master and owner of Channeling Your Wisdom Coaching.


Like many of my clients, I spent years trying to fix what wasn't working in my life. I changed jobs and relationships more often than I can count. I'd start each new adventure full of excitement but eventually become bored or begin to feel like a fraud. I was desperate for contentment and searched for it everywhere, in books, academia, volunteering and therapy, yet nothing brought real change.

When I discovered transformation coaching, the shift was so real, I resigned from my job almost immediately and launched my coaching practice so I can help others who felt stuck like me experience transformation.

Now I help clients shift from self-criticism to compassion, and adjust the parts of their lives that are unsatisfying. All who've successfully engaged this practice have experienced a lasting shift in how they think and feel. They appreciate and accept who they are, and have greater compassion for themselves and others. They are creators of their own stories now, instead of being controlled by them.


It's an honor to bring this work to you.






The Graduate Institute – Coach Training / Certification
International Coaching Federation (ICF) – ACC Credential

Leadership That Works – IFS Parts Work Training
IFS Institute – Level 1 Training

Jay Earley / Bonnie Weiss – IFS Growth Programs

​Omega Institute for Holistic Studies – Reiki Master Certification