Calming the System

We will begin with guided meditation – a simple technique of bringing calm to your system through guided visualizations. I tailor my meditations to the individual, so even those who have difficulty meditating can quiet their minds.


Get to the Bottom of it

Once your system is calm, we will begin our journey to untangle the real you from the self-imagine you have adopted. You will discover and get to know your "protective parts" — the internal thoughts and feelings that:

  • Demand you work harder / lose weight / be perfect

  • Criticize you for being foolish / lazy / unattractive

  • Remind you that others are better / smarter / more fortunate 

  • Cause you to worry / stress / over-analyze

  • Drive you to binge-eat, drink, watch TV or find another escape

  • And other inner voices that rob you of your self-confidence

Discover & Heal​

Using the method of parts work, (an evidence-based approach to psychotherapy and coaching) we will learn the why these protectors came into being and what beliefs they still hold about you. We will introduce them to the adult you are now so they can see you are capable of being in charge. And we will heal old wounds so you can experience harmony and balance.


How you relate to yourself will mature. You will appreciate all that you have endured, and respect the person you have grown into being. You will shift away from inner-criticism to self-compassion. You will feel more at peace and have increased access to your confidence, courage and hidden talents. 

How you relate to others will also shift. You will trust yourself to say what's in your heart without fear of rejection. You will be spot parts as they arise in others and feel compassion. And you will have confidence to advocate for your best interest in work, family and your social communities.

Move into Action

Access to your intuition and inner-wisdom will reveal what is working and healthy in your life, and what changes you want to make in your career, relationships, living situation and/or self-care. Then we will engage life-coaching techniques to move toward a life of your creation.

I will guide you every step of the way.