Journey to the Real You

We begin with guided meditation to connect with the feelings that drive negative or critical thoughts. You will observe them and untangle who you really are from what you have been led to believe about yourself.


Get to the Bottom of It


As you get to know yourself better, you will encounter your protective parts – the internal drivers that:

  • Demand you work harder / lose weight / be perfect

  • Criticize you for being foolish / lazy / unattractive

  • Remind you that others are better / smarter / luckier 

  • Cause you to worry / analyze / stress

  • Drive you to over-eat / drink to excess / binge-watch TV

  • And other internal voices that rob you of your self-confidence

Discover and Heal​


These protector parts once kept you safe from pain and vulnerability, but now that you're a capable adult, they simply get in your way. 


Using parts work, we will discover and heal the old wounds that power these parts, such as your inner-critic and worrier, so they can serve a more appropriate role in your life today.

Shift How You Relate to
Yourself and Others


How you relate to yourself will mature. You will appreciate yourself for all that you have endured, and respect the person you have become.

How you relate to others will shift as your confidence increases. You will trust yourself to say what's in your heart without fear. You will have compassion for others and be able to spot their parts.

Move into Action

Access to your intuition and inner-wisdom will reveal what is working and healthy in your life, and what you want to change in your career, relationships, living situation or self-care. Then we will engage life-coaching techniques to move forward toward a life of your creation.

I will partner with you every step of the way.