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Channeling Your Wisdom Coaching combines four powerful approaches: Internal Family Systems (IFS) "Parts Work," Meditation, Reiki Energy, and Life Coaching to promote healing, a sense of well-being, and lasting change.


MEDITATION – With guided meditation, we create a quiet, peaceful space to explore beneath the surface. Meditations are tailored to the individual, so regardless of your meditative experience or ability, you will find it calming. This will make room for your Self-energy to emerge – the source of intuition and inner-wisdom.

PARTS-WORK – As your system quiets, we will begin to untangle thoughts and emotions causing you to feel confused, overwhelmed or out-of-control. These are "protector parts" – inner-defenders that developed in youth in response to painful experiences.


Protector parts may:

  • Criticize you for being lazy, overweight, not smart enough

  • Demand that you work harder, learn more, lose weight, be perfect

  • Cause you to worry or analyze constantly

  • Drive you to indulge on food, drugs, alcohol or TV watching

  • Generate other unwanted thoughts or unhealthy behaviors

Once the Self and protector parts separate, you will begin to understand each part from its point of view, learning what it's doing to protect your system, and how it came into being. Here is where the healing will take place, leaving you to feel deep compassion for your parts, even the unwanted ones.

REIKI ENERGY – Reiki energy will flow between us to support you on your journey. This will boost your courage and sense of well-being as you revisit and heal old wounds (known as exiles).

With healing comes access to your natural confidence, courage, creativity and clearheadedness. From where you will easily recognize what is working in your life, what needs improvement, and what needs to change.

LIFE COACHING – We will then engage life-coaching techniques to map out a suitable plan that will move you toward a life of your creation.


You will feel deeply supported through every step of your journey.

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