Internal Family Systems (IFS)


Parts Work

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidence-based approach to psychotherapy adapted for coaching. It assumes that all humans are whole, but inhibited by pain and fear from the past that keeps us from thriving. It views our inner world as a family system comprised of "Self," "Parts" and "Exiles."

The Self

SELF is our true nature — whole and undamaged. It is the source of our intuition and inner-wisdom. It is naturally calm, confident, creative, compassionate and courageous. Self is experienced when our mind, body and spirit are aligned.


Our Parts 

PARTS are our defensive responses. They are the beliefs and patterns of thinking that are powered by negative emotion. They originate in the past, and become "our truth" — the lens through which we relate to ourselves and the world. 

Experience the Difference


When we are "PARTS-led", our perspective is skewed. We hide behind a suit of armor ready to protect ourselves at a moment's notice. We are rarely aware of it because it is deeply ingrained in our thinking.

When we are "SELF-led", our vision is clear. We see the world as it is instead of through a lens of self-protection. We are free to live in the moment and experience the richness of life.


The Journey

Together, we will journey to discover your protective parts, their origin and purpose. This will allow you to relate to yourself in a new way. Rather than being overtaken by your parts, you'll begin to recognize when you are "parts-led" and choose a different path ... to be "Self-led". You will also begin to recognize when others are "parts-led" and relate to them with compassion. 

When you discover the origin of your parts, you will find the EXILE, the pain point at which the part was created to protect. You will heal and reintegrate this exile back into your system to feel whole again.



Once exiles are reintegrated, your Self-energy will naturally increase, along with access to your intuition and inner-wisdom. This is your true nature, who you are at your core. It holds the key to your happiness.

You Lead

I will be your guide and witness, but the work is done within your own inner world. This is a gentle journey that will leave you feeling fully heard, held and safe. You will set the pace, and we will never go anywhere within that feels too private or painful. You will be encouraged to journal and meditate on your own to integrate the learning, but the choice is yours.