Within each of us lies the confident, creative, unique individual we were born to be. Fully intact, fully capable, fully you.


The first time you encounter an experience that leaves you feeling frightened, hurt, ashamed or unsafe, you begin to develop protective responses that prevent you from ever again being hurt in the same way. 


These responses become the inner voices ("parts") that criticize, judge, worry and defend. There are countless ways these parts work to protect you, but in doing so, they wear down your confidence and instill self-doubt. They tell you we're not good enough until you believe it.

don't let the past rob one more moment.

lost in




When I was a little girl, I was sweet, clever and made people laugh.


I was enough.

Then my big sister cast me aside. I tried to be more fun but still she rejected me.


Was I enough?

Then my mom got sick and died, and I couldn't do anything to save her.


Was I enough?

Then I was bullied in school and I tried to become someone else. 


I was not enough.


For decades I tried to bend to fit in.

Then I discovered this work.
Now I am whole and happy. 


I am enough. 

Imagine feeling confident to be yourself in every situation.

To have the love you always dreamed possible.

To experience the joy of the moment.

To unleash your creativity.