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The Graduate Institute
International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Training

IFS Institute

Leadership That Works

Jay Earley — IFS Growth Programs 

Reiki Master Certification

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies



the Coaching

We begin with meditation to shift you from chaos to calm, then apply the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach of "parts work" to discover, heal and move you into action. As the chatter quiets, you will identify your "protector parts" — thoughts and beliefs that are blocking you from being your best self.


I use Reiki energy to open a connection that enables me to guide and support you on your inner journey. IFS "parts work" allows us to discover where these thoughts and beliefs originated, and this is where magic happens ... where you will build a loving relationship with yourself.


Then, as your natural talents and desires are revealed, we will apply life coaching techniques to move you toward the life you've always imagined, one of contentment, profound joy and deep connection.


discover & live from
best of you.


I highly recommend coaching with Lynda for anyone who wants to change their life. She helped me see areas that I couldn’t spot in myself, and which had been holding me back from the life I wanted to live.
I gained confidence and spaciousness in my relationships with others as well as myself.

After working with Lynda for a few months, my life is fundamentally filled with more compassion and creativity, and it feels wonderful.

— James S.

Welcome. I'm Lynda Mettler, transformational life coach, Reiki master and meditation instructor.


I made this shift in my early 50s, and when I did, I felt like the Ugly Duckling discovering my swan self. Up til that point, I had managed to build a successful career in marketing and advertising, a field that never quite fit me. I would wander from job to job hoping the next one would be "it," but always grew to be disappointed.


When I discovered transformational life coaching, a fire lit in a part of me that had been hidden from my view for so long ... my intuitive, wise self. Here I found that the home I had sought everywhere else was actually within me.


Once I reconnected with my true self, I felt whole again, a feeling I hadn't known since I was a child. With it came an abundance of confidence, compassion and courage. 


It was here that the answer to the burning question finally revealed itself — that I was meant to lead others in discovering their own true nature through this journey of healing and transformation.